A Place for the Engaged Heart

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Welcome to Pilgrim House.

The Camino can be more than just a walk. It can truly be a pilgrimage of the heart and soul.

The Pilgrim House Welcome Center is a place for pilgrims to find respite from their walk and take time to reflect: reflect on their Camino, reflect on life, and reflect on what may lay ahead. We offer a safe place to engage the deeper questions concerning the love and mystery of God, life, and our resilient frailty. This time of reflection is sacred and Pilgrim House’s purpose is to foster space (physical, mental, and spiritual) for this time.

Being pilgrims ourselves, we know sometimes we need a place in tune with the Camino spirit; a place where others, too, are engaging with the things that stirred them during the Camino.

If you are seeking, searching, or just needing a moment of respite, you are welcome here. Let us offer you a cup of coffee and a listening ear, or maybe just laundry and quiet place to be alone. Whatever your needs, our doors are open.


About Us

The Pilgrim House Welcome Center was borne out of a desire to offer a place for the engaged heart and searching soul. It is a simple fact that one’s life and soul require attention, attention that is oftentimes lacking. And because of this, the Camino frequently happens to be so much more than a simple walk through Spain. The extended time away from routines and distractions allows the “stuff” of life to finally get our attention. And all of this “stuff” necessitates time and space to sort out. It is exactly this “time and space” that we offer here at Rua Nova 19. Pilgrim House is not only a place for pilgrims to find respite from their travels, but more importantly, a place to find the space needed to sit with whatever is stirring in their hearts.


Support and Resources for Pilgrims

01. Camino Debrief

Every day we offer a time for pilgrims to come together and reflect more deeply about their Camino. This time of guided discussion is focused specifically on the inner journey of the Camino.

02. Personal Debrief

If you need a more personal setting to process your Camino, we are happy to sit down with you one-on-one. This can be a casual conversation about your journey or it can be a more guided discussion in which we present questions regarding the Camino and life.

03. Quiet Reflection Room

We have a quiet reflection room designed to give you a space away from the hustle of the city so that you can reflect on your Camino.

04. Additional SUpport

We also offer debriefing/ journaling guides, a self-guided reflection (based on Psalm 23), prayer, laundry, printing, backpack storage, and a small kitchenette.


"We are the vast uncharted wilderness. We are the makers of history, the spark for all fiery life, the image bearers of the divine. Within our each and every identity, we contain the vastness of all human experience, and if we but have the courage to go inward, to delve into our self, to live life in full knowledge of what we are…is that not the journey most rewarding? Though life roars all around, step into the silence that solitude brings, and we may well hear the voice of God, whispering, beckoning."

- Andrew Nicodem (from ¿Vendras?)

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We are here because of your generous support.

Thank you.