About Pilgrim House

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Pilgrim House is a faith based non-profit in Santiago de Compostela. We are here for the sole purpose of serving pilgrims. The Welcome Center was borne out of a desire to offer a place for the wandering heart and searching soul to find rest and other like-minded people.

The Welcome Center is not only a place for weary pilgrims to find respite from their travels, but also and maybe more importantly, a place to find the space needed to sit with whatever is stirring in our hearts. The Camino can often reveal forgotten or ignored aspects of ourselves. This is a blessing of the Camino and a virtue of the Welcome Center.

Our Group Camino Debrief is a daily invitation to join a group of newly arrived pilgrims and share their particular Camino experiences. Our focus tends to be more on the interior journey, the ways in which the Camino has us affected us, rather than the geographical journey. This can be a profound time of shared experiences and unique perspectives.

Sometimes the schedule of our Group Camino Debrief doesn’t workout or maybe the things you need to process are too personal to share in a group setting. For these times we offer a Personal Camino Debrief. The structure and approach is similar to the Group Debrief, but in a much more personal and confidential setting. If this is more to your liking please do not hesitate to schedule a time with us.

Everyday we offer a Guided Reflective Meditation in which we reserve our Reflection Room for a time of Scripture reading and meditation. This is a time of rest and recentering. If you are unable to attend a scheduled Reflective Meditation we offer a Self-Guided Reflective Meditation to take at your convenience.

We offer other services to help pilgrims during there time here in Santiago also. Some of these services include prayer for those so inclined, a quiet space for personal time in our Reflection Room and Patio, communal space to visit and catch up with fellow pilgrims, a common kitchen, laundry service, luggage storage, and boarding pass printing.



We believe at the heart of our journeys and searching is the love of the Creator.  He is the originator and essence of richer living and deeper connection. It is through the mystery of Jesus Christ that we are continually finding that life is more; that it is deeper and wider and higher than we have imagined. We know that there is redemption, we know there is hope and we know there is renewal. We also know that it’s not found in ideas, philosophies, or theologies. It is only found in an actual personal relationship with the Creator. Yeah, we know this can sound pretty crazy, but we also know the reality of it.

However, we are not here to convince you that we are right or that you need to see things our way. All pilgrims are welcome in Pilgrim House, we’re only here to offer a helping hand and a listening ear along The Way.