Welcome to the beginning.

Our focus, our heart at Pilgrim House is to find the richness of life on and off the Camino. All of us here are students of rich living. This means that we are not looking for an easy or comfortable life; a slow death lies down that road my friends. We are learning to approach the beautiful and ugly with the same fervor. We seek to awaken our hearts fully which often means acknowledging the pain along side the joy. This is not an easy road and is not for the faint of heart. It is most certainly not one we can travel alone.

So here we are; offering our lives, our selves, and our mistakes in hopes that others will join us. This is a place we share what we find beautiful, challenging, and life giving. A place of celebration. A place that is serious but rarely solemn.

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Please, visit often and let us know what you think.


michael snyder