Friends of Pilgrim House

We love pilgrims. 
We love those who are on a journey, seeking more from life and from themselves. Those who are in love with the adventure of travel, the richness of community, and the wonder of self-discovery.  One of the greatest aspects of being on the Camino is finding others that share our enthusiasm for life and all of its uncertainties.

Toward the end of last year we quietly launched the Friends of Pilgrim House program. This is a way to take part in enriching the journeys of countless pilgrims who make their way to Santiago de Compostela. We are both humbled and grateful for the response we have received from the pilgrim community thus far and are now ready to launch Friends of Pilgrim House in earnest.

By becoming a Friend you will support Pilgrim House’s operating expenses for a whole day, making Pilgrim House a community of pilgrims helping and investing in other pilgrims. Friends of Pilgrim House is simply concrete evidence of the broader caring community of the Camino.

If you are one that has ever wondered how to give back and/or help others on their own pilgrimages, please consider becoming a Friend today. By gathering a core group of like minded passionate people we can assure the resources of Pilgrim House will be available for years to come in Santiago de Compostela. Click Here for more information.

michael snyder