Last week was Semana Santa which kind of signals the unofficial start to this year’s Camino season. This has us looking forward to the coming season and all the pilgrims, all the stories and all the life that comes with it.

Last year we were given an amazing opportunity by the gracious couple at Nicodem Creative (nicodemcreative.com) to make a video about Pilgrim House. We wanted to make a short video that not only explored and celebrated the Camino experience, but one that would also serve as an invitation to come and find your own “Way”.

The Camino can be so much more than a simple walk. This is a fact that catches many new pilgrims off guard. So much of the journey is internal. The challenges and joys of the walk are all magnified by the wandering that happens in our hearts and minds. For many of us, the Camino becomes a rare opportunity to slow down and discover what is really going on in our souls. This is a wonderfully human experience; one that we think everyone should find, whether or not you can actually make it to the Camino de Santiago or not.

So here it is, our invitation to you to find more in your own Camino.

This video is a celebration of the Camino. If you would like your own copy to share or show feel free to download a 720 version from Vimeo (HERE). If you would like a hi-res 1080 version email us and we can send it to you. Enjoy.

And yet, for all our finding, have we become lost? For all our brave expeditions and forays into the unknown, have we lost the daring to adventure within? When all is stripped away and we are left bare , alone with just ourselves, what will the silence whisper? For therein lies the beginning.
— Andrew Nicodem (from ¿Vendras?)
michael snyder