About Pilgrim House


The Pilgrim House Welcome Center was borne out of a desire to offer a place for the wandering heart and searching soul.
It is a simple fact that one’s life and soul require attention, attention that is oftentimes lacking. And because of this, the Camino frequently happens to be so much more than a simple walk through Spain. The extended time away from routines and distractions allows the “stuff” of life to finally get our attention. And all of this “stuff” necessitates time and space to sort out. It is exactly this “time and space” that we offer here at Rua Nova 19. The Welcome Center is not only a place for weary pilgrims to find respite from their travels, but more importantly,  a place to find the space needed to sit with whatever is stirring in their hearts.



This is where we share stuff that we think is useful for planning your Camino.
The Camino can be an amazing (dare we even say life changing) experience and we want to help you make the most of it. This page is just the beginning and we will continue to add to this list as we can.