Friends of Pilgrim House

Pilgrim House is a community of pilgrims. And the Friends of Pilgrim House are our lifeblood, our inner circle of sorts. We invite you to join us and enrich the lives of pilgrims like yourself. The journey doesn’t end in Santiago and becoming a Friend is a great way you can be a part of it all: all the celebrating victories, all the wrestling with trials, all the learning to live life more fully. After all, that is what we are all about.

All gifts are welcome of course, but becoming a friend means that you have supported Pilgrim House for a full day of operation. What a truly great gift and contribution that is. Thank you. You could even choose a day to be honored as a Friend, maybe it could be your birthday, or anniversary, or any other date that is important to you.

Donating on behalf of a friend or family member is a great way to share the love too.


Your gift of $120 or 120€ will cover the expenses to run Pilgrim House for a full day, and ensure that the Welcome Center will continue to be available to help and care for future pilgrims.


NON-US Residents

US Residents